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I'm former prosecutor Heidi Van Winkle. I provide aggressive representation and have a reputation for results. I am widely known as a driven and hard worker and will be tenacious in fighting for your rights.

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A Lifelong Resident Who Knows The Local Justice System

I’m Burlington criminal defense attorney Heidi Van Winkle. I have a decade of experience in criminal law and offer high-caliber representation. I represent nearly all types of criminal cases.

As a former assistant Des Moines County attorney and lifelong resident of the Burlington area, I know the local justice system inside and out. I am intimately familiar with the courts, law enforcement, prosecutors and all aspects of criminal law that may bear on your case. My experience as a former prosecutor equips me with the skills and ability to spot weaknesses in the state’s case against you and effectively present a strong defense.

For a free initial consultation, contact me at 319-752-4585.

Providing Experience For Your Criminal Defense Case And More

Criminal charges often have a far-reaching impact. A conviction can spur a chain reaction, affecting your reputation, employment prospects, housing, ability to own or carry firearms and, potentially, your freedom. That’s why you need a strong attorney on your side.

When enlisting the services of a criminal defense lawyer, your most pressing concern is likely whether you will obtain a positive result. No attorney can guarantee results; however, I can guarantee that I will devote 100 percent of my effort to your case. I will strive to achieve the best outcome possible for your situation.*

In addition to my criminal defense and OWI/DWI practice, I also represent clients in family law cases, including divorce and child custody.

* Past results do not guarantee or predict future outcomes.

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If you have been arrested or are facing criminal charges, it is important to be proactive in protecting your rights. Contact the Van Winkle Law Office in southeast Iowa as soon as possible for a free initial consultation: 319-752-4585. You can also reach out to the firm online.

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